Aisha Is.

The first thing I’m gonna do when I get back into chair and belly dancing is dance to ‘Diva’.

This weekend was perfect.

I had a beautiful sleep. Our flat had a great party. We’re going to the South Island in a month.

You visited me in my sleep. You were drawn and old. ‘You make me so sad. This is my misery,’ you said, crying.

I did not know that today had a comedown, but here we are.

I’m glad that my story’s going to be about a girl that left an unhappy life to live with the guy she met on this site. And that instead of dragging him like a fresh kill to Houston, they will venture off into Asia and volunteer on farms to get by.

We’re going to learn all sorts of neat shit.

I really do want us to have the best life, together and as individuals. That’s all I hope for, ever.